Is Investing in Counseling a Luxury or a Necessity?

In thinking about April being Counseling Awareness Month, I wonder......

With all of the money that we are willing to spend on our outward physical appearance, 

why are people not willing to spend money on their internal emotional needs?  

Between membership fees to yoga studios and gyms, pricey workout gear

(yes, I am guilty of this one for sure) hair, nails, makeup, facials, tanning, clothing, jewelry,

and many other expenses, think of the money that is spent to make present our

outward appearance as close to perfect as we can.  

So then, why do people hesitate to spend money on counseling or therapy?  

How can counseling or therapy be a "luxury item" but manicures and pedicures are "necessities"? 

Perhaps if we invested in our internal emotional needs with the same priority

we invest in our external physical appearance,

we might actually find true healing, emotional peace, and genuine acceptance our ourselves.